Give Your Car a Summer Checkup

A mechanic can perform a quick summer checkup to help make sure you have a safe road trip.

Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer, which means millions of Americans are planning to hit the road in their cars. According to AAA, more than 56 percent of Americans are planning a road trip this summer, thanks to the lowest gasoline prices since 2005. If you’re among the prospective road-trippers, get your car ready for the heat with a summer checkup.

If your car overheats, you could easily destroy the engine, leaving you stranded. So have a mechanic check warm-weather engine systems — including the radiator, cooling system and thermostat — to help your car and your family reach your destination without breaking a sweat. Read more about a summer checkup for your vehicle at Car Talk.

During your car's summer checkup, make sure your cooling systems are running smoothly so you don't get stranded on the road.

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