Is Your Home Burglar-Proof?

Millions of homes are burglarized each year, with total losses in the billions of dollars. To make sure your house is safe, consider taking these steps:

  •   Strengthen door security. Deadbolts aren’t always strong enough to withstand a well-directed hard kick. Strike plate screws should be longer than 3 inches, and you can also make doorjambs and strike plates stronger using reinforcement kits
  • Install alarms. Even if you don’t have an expensive security system that notifies the police or a security firm when someone breaks into your home, you can install inexpensive peel-and-stick alarms on vulnerable windows or doors to make sure any intrusion is greeted by a loud alarm.
  • Lock patio doors. Patio doors are a prime target for burglars. Deadbolt-style locks are inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Use a safe – and secure it. Keeping valuables and sensitive papers in a safe is a good idea, but if a burglar can easily find and remove your safe, forcing it open at his convenience, it doesn’t serve much purpose. Hide your safe and consider bolting it to the floor to keep it truly secure

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