Helping Dad Stay Healthy

Father’s Day celebrations often mean firing up the grill and letting Dad sit back with a burger and cold beer! But, whether you’re preparing to celebrate your own father or you’re a dad yourself, take the time this month to encourage him (or yourself!) to schedule doctor’s appointments for the health checks all men should complete every year.

Most of these tests, such as cancer screenings, bone density checks, and dental evaluations, are considered preventive, so many of them will be covered by insurance plans at least once per year. However, make sure Dad double-checks with his insurance company about any potential diagnostic or timing criteria before making his appointments.

Staying up to date on health screenings can reduce Dad’s insurance costs in the long-run and serve as an important preventive barrier to greater medical costs down the line. So to help Dad live a long healthy life, make sure he gets his regular check-ups… and celebrate many more Father’s Days for years to come!

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