Cannonball! When Planning Ahead, Sometimes You Just Need to Jump in.


Summer officially started on June 21st, but we all know that “unofficial summer” started Memorial Day Weekend. Warm days are the norm, school is letting out and the pools are open! Time for some summer fun. And just as the best way to start swimming is to take a leap into the pool, the best way to start a comprehensive financial planning process is, well, to jump in and begin. While it may seem daunting, particularly for those without much experience in money matters, financial planning can help make sure that you and your loved ones can enjoy life to the fullest without undue anxiety about making ends meet. A good financial plan includes estate planning, with life insurance to cover lost income when a provider dies unexpectedly; and it may include annuities, which can help ensure regular retirement income for the rest of your life. Working with an experienced professional can help you figure out the plan that’s right for you. But it takes a leap to get started. Don’t delay – the water’s fine.


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