Spending Money Abroad in Summer 2016

Whenever we take vacations, and especially when we travel abroad, it’s very easy to end up spending a lot more money than we originally planned. The plane ticket and hotel reservation are only half of the travel expenditure equation. Before you jet off, it’s smart to sketch out an entertainment and dining budget and take currency exchange rates into consideration if you’re traveling internationally. GOBankingRates crunched the numbers on 42 of the world’s most popular travel destinations and identified the current strength of the U.S. dollar in foreign countries. In terms of Summer 2016 travel destinations, Brazil, Japan, and South Africa emerged as countries in which the U.S. dollar is particularly strong. You should also make sure to be aware of any foreign transaction fees or additional charges on your credit cards or at international ATMs.

Read the full list of exchange rates and the U.S. dollar’s strength abroad at GOBankingRates.



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