Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

The majority of home break-ins happen in July and August, when families take extended vacations. Here are some tips to follow to reduce the chance of a burglary while you’re away on a summertime trip:

  • Avoid advertising that you’re out of town on social media, voicemail or email replies. You can let your family, friends and neighbors know individually, but don’t spread the word too widely.
  • Buy timers for lights, especially those facing the street, or ask a neighbor to drop in every few days to change the lighting. Also, consider leaving a car in the driveway, which makes the house seem inhabited.
  •  Put a temporary stop to mail and newspaper deliveries while you’re gone. Nothing communicates that you’re out of town more clearly than a pile of newspapers on the front porch.
  •  Install deadbolts on ground-floor windows, which are a prime target for burglars.
  •  Consider installing a home alarm system that alerts a security company or police when there’s a break-in.

For more, see USA Today.


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