More Americans Plan Later Retirements

A new AARP survey finds that more people are planning to work past the typical retirement age of 65, mostly for financial reasons. The survey of adults 35 and older found that more than half of that group expect to work beyond age 65 and 11% expect to keep working into their 80s and beyond! The main reason is financial stress. AARP found that half of those surveyed lose sleep over financial concerns. If money weren’t such a worry, half of those currently working would quit their job. And money concerns also make big life transitions – such as getting married or divorced, moving, facing a major illness or changing jobs — more stressful: about half of respondents said money is a major barrier to dealing with such transitions Sadly, only about a third of those surveyed describe their lives as “thriving”; while 29% say they are “on a plateau” and 27% are “in a rut.”

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