Retiring to the City

Older Americans still move to beachfront communities or suburban condos when they retire, but increasingly they’re headed downtown. If you’re looking for an urban retirement, here’s what to consider.

First, what amenities are most important to you? If you want to be able to walk to shops and restaurants, don’t choose a neighborhood on the edge of town. If you want to live near parks or a body of water, limit your search to those areas.

Second, how much home can you afford? Make a realistic estimate of your retirement income, not only in the first few years but throughout your life, and remember that some expenses – including healthcare – may rise as you grow older.

Finally, consider other amenities of particular interest to older Americans, including healthcare facilities, accessibility, recreational activities and the presence of other seniors.

This article from SeniorAdvice lists the top 10 large cities in America according to these and other measures.


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