Stay Active in the Fall

Jogging, fitness classes and adding variety to your workouts are all great ways to stay active in the fall.

The days are getting shorter, everyone’s back from vacation and in many parts of the country the weather will be getting cooler. That’s no reason to stop exercising! Getting fit outside after a long summer can revitalize you ahead of the coming winter. Follow these tips for autumn workouts that will help you stay active in the fall:

  • Incorporate workouts you can do at home, such as using your stairs for cross-training exercises, for days when it’s too cold to get healthy outdoors.
  • Try high-intensity cardio workouts to make sure you fit exercise in even as your schedule gets busier.
  • Check out new equipment, such as the BOSU ball, to keep things fresh as the weather gets colder.
  • Join a group fitness class for a week or two to add variety.

To stay active in the fall, switch up your routine with group fitness classes for a week or two.

Staying fit will allow you to indulge without guilt in extra marshmallows for your hot cocoa.

Sometimes it’s not the weather that keeps you inside during autumn, but the busy schedule that comes with fall! Heavier workloads combined with kids returning to school make it easy for priorities to shift. Read “7 Ways You Can Balance Life and Work” to find out how to keep your equilibrium during this hectic time.



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