True or False: Understand Annuities

Do you understand annuities as well as you think you do? Take the quiz and find out.

Take our quiz and find out how well you understand annuities!

1. True or False: Annuities offer tax-deferred growth.

2. True or False: Annuities can provide guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

3. True or False: Annuities should not be considered an option while planning for retirement.

4. True or False: Annuity death benefits are generally not subject to probate.

Your adventure can begin when you fully understand annuities and your retirement plan.Check how well you did below the article. If any answers surprise you, find out more about annuities at, and check out the Midland National blog for tips on saving, investing, travel, health and more. 




1. True. Under current law, taxes on the growth of an annuity are deferred until the income or withdrawal phase.

2. True. Many annuities include lifetime payout options, which provide guaranteed payments for your lifetime.

3. False. Annuities can provide income during retirement. As such, they are an option to consider as part of the retirement income planning process.

4. True. In general, annuities with a death benefit – a payment to the spouse or other beneficiary after the annuity holder dies – are generally not subject to probate, depending on the state.


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