Fast Grocery Checkout Can Be a Breeze

So many shoppers, so many coupons! Pick up tips for a successful fast grocery checkout.

Finally, tips for fast grocery checkout are here! If you’re like us, supermarket shopping usually ends with a head-scratcher: Which line will be fastest? And when you choose incorrectly — and watch helplessly as other shoppers sail through while you’re stuck behind the guy with a hundred coupons — the frustration mounts! 

Sail through supermarket lines with these tips for fast grocery checkout.

In this New York Times article, the experts weigh in on how to pick a supermarket line for fast grocery checkout.

Some of the advice is counterintuitive. For example, it’s more effective to get behind a person with a full cart than several people with smaller amounts, because we underestimate the time it takes to transition from one person to another. Other advice just seems odd; people tend to veer right, so you may want to choose a queue on the left.

We hope you find it helpful. See you at the supermarket!

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