How to Get Back Into Exercising

When your aim is to get back into exercising, stretching to warm up and cool down is vital.

It happens to everyone: Despite your best intentions, your exercise routine gets derailed. Maybe you got sick, went on vacation, or just got busy with work or family obligations. If so, here are some useful tips to start moving and get back into exercising:

Start With Baby Steps

Don’t place too big a demand on your body after a period of inactivity, especially if it’s been prolonged. Pushing too hard too fast can lead to injury.

Focus on Flexibility First

A good stretching program will not only get the blood flowing, but prepare your body for the workouts to come. Once you start exercising, leave time to warm up and cool down around each session. If you have arthritis pain, check out “How to Keep Moving With Arthritis Pain” to learn more about the benefits of regular exercise. 

Work in Some Light Cardio

Spend some time in the pool to get back into exercising gradually. Swimming is a fun, low-impact sport that is great for heart health.After a few days of stretching, try taking walks or spending 20 minutes on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical. After a week of flexibility and light cardio work, add strength training to get back into exercising slowly and safely.

Remember to keep it fun — you’re more likely to stick with exercise that engages you and boosts your mood. Find out more details in Shape.

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