5 Fun Ideas for Healthy Spring Activities

Hikes, bikes and walks are healthy spring activities that refresh and invigorate you.

The sun is out, the birds are in the trees, and the kids are playing and laughing in your neighborhood. It’s spring, a time of revitalization and fun. And the best way to refresh after the winter is to engage in some healthy spring activities. Here are some recommendations to improve your health while enjoying the season:

  1. Cook — Spring brings many fresh fruits and vegetables! Artichokes, apricots, asparagus, broccoli, mangoes, guavas, strawberries and more are in season. Click here for a quick list of what spring brings. You can find many great recipes for spring fruits and veggies online with a quick google search. Try cooking some new meals, or put veggies and meats on the grill! 
  2. Hike — Spring is the perfect time of year to hike because the temperature is moderate. Get your hiking boots out of the closet, call up some friends and take a hike in the woods or on a mountain. Check your area for hiking trails as well. Arboretums, parks and local forest preserves typically offer a variety of trails and beautiful places to explore. Find a trail today! 
  3. Bike — Now that the weather is pleasant, it’s a good time to get your bike out and ride through your neighborhood or local park. Biking is a great way to get some exercise, and studies show it also helps lower anxiety. Get a bike rack for your car and take your bike to trails in your area or on vacation to new locales. Make sure to have your bike serviced before riding to make sure it’s in top shape after being dormant during the winter months.
  4. Walk — Walking is a healthy way to enjoy a spring day. Regularly walking strengthens your heart and helps to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. A walk before work increases your energy for the rest of your day and helps make you feel more alert by boosting circulation and increasing oxygen supply to every cell in your body. Try walking on your lunch break to get a boost in the afternoon. Studies indicate that walks are also good for your mental health.
  5. Spring Clean — Spring cleaning may not seem as enjoyable as the other activities on this list, but spring is all about starting fresh. Decluttering and deep cleaning your house can help you to boost your productivity. Getting rid of the things you don’t need any more, putting on a yard sale (read tips for a successful yard sale here) or donating items to charities can also make for healthy exercise and will help you feel good, which is the ultimate goal with healthy spring activities.

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