4 Budget Tips for Summer Fun

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Summer means festivals, barbecues, sightseeing and enjoying a variety of fun activities. But enjoying yourself and the warm weather can get costly if you aren’t careful. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy summer on a budget.

Search for Discounts and Deals

You can save money on events by searching online for coupons and other deals. Chances are good that there will be discounts or two-for-one deals floating out there. In the summertime, many museums, libraries and parks host free events or free-to-the-public days to encourage greater attendance. A family membership at a museum is also a good way to save on repeated admission costs if it merits multiple visits. Make sure to avoid gift shops at the places you visit and save the money to see something else this summer.

Organize Social Fun with Friends

Talk to your friends about organizing get-togethers a few times a month. You can do dinners, barbecues, or even host theme nights or game nights. Take turns hosting each week and you’ll get a few free meals every month, along with some great company.

 Keep Costs Low on Sports Expenses

When the weather warms up you may want to get outside and do more physical activities, like sports. There are many organized and recreation leagues for you to choose from this summer. Leagues run by community centers and schools typically offer more reasonable costs. Check listings at your community center or local library to find the right fit. Participating in activities with low equipment costs, such as basketball instead of football, can save you some money. If you involve your kids sports this summer, try coordinating transportation with another parent who has a child in the same activity. That will help save you time and travel expenses.

Save on Summer Classes

Summer offers a wide range of fun classes from painting to guitar playing. Make sure to research companies, community centers and gyms in your area to get the best prices or perhaps discounted rates for new students. Many associations and community leagues offer free courses for members. Check your local library and community center for low-cost lessons too. You don’t always need to learn from a professional. Try hiring a college student for a lower cost. If you have friends or family members who might be interested in taking the same classes as you, think about group deals.


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