Cheap Ways to Get Fit this Summer

Cheap ways to get fit this summer: make a gym at home

Working out to get in shape this summer doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some cheap ways to get fit this summer.

1. Get Fit Cheaply by First Setting Goals

Start by setting small goals, like determining how many days you want to work out during a week, then stick to them. You need to make a commitment if you want to achieve you’re desired results. Craft a schedule for your exercise days that fits in best with work, family time and other activities so you don’t have any excuses to not work out. Add the days to your phone calendar to help remind you.

Once you get into a routine, make some long-term goals such as signing up for a 5K charity race. Training for this kind of event won’t cost. You’ll just need to pay the entry fee. While this is an expense, it’s also a good motivation to help you commit to your fitness goals. If the fee is high, ask your family and friends for donations to sponsor you. A 5K goal will help you get in shape, and you’ll be doing it for a good cause! Not sure where to start? Check out these tips on how to get back into exercising.

2. Go Outdoors to Work Out
cheap ways to get fit go outside

One of the great inexpensive ways to get fit this summer is by simply going outside to exercise. Hit the park or the beach to perform simple exercises like jumping jacks, squats and lunges. Take a walk or a run to burn calories and get those muscles moving. Go hiking in a conservation area. Join a game of basketball at a local court, kick the soccer ball around with a friend at a park, or join a game of volleyball at the beach. It’s also a great time to dust off your bike and go cycling.

3. Use an Exercise App

There are many apps that can help you stay healthy with customizable features that let you choose your goals, work out duration and intensity. Fitness apps like MyFitnessPal help you log your food and activity like a journal, and are a lot less expensive than a personal trainer or nutritionist. Apps like these are great for beginners looking to get fit. Fitness trackers can also help you get into a routine by tracking the calories you burn, the amount of sleep you’re getting and more.

4. Make a Gym at Home

An affordable way to get in shape is to work out in your own home. Make a space in your living room, put on a workout video or fitness channel, and follow along. If you’d rather use equipment, ditch your expensive gym membership and purchase small equipment. Start with a few key pieces of equipment, and then build up to larger pieces like a treadmill or exercise bike. Save a few bucks by shopping at used sporting goods stores or garage sales. Maybe you even have a friend who already has some equipment. Consider partnering up and working out together. If you are struggling with discomfort from conditions like arthritis, consider some indoor fitness exercises like yoga or research more about how to keep moving with arthritis pain. 

5. Join a Sports Team

Motivation to exercise can be difficult. Sometimes it’s easier if you do it with others. Check out your local community centers or go to the OpenSports app to look for softball, soccer, basketball or other possible sports teams you’d be interested in joining. Your city’s park district will also have intramural teams that you can join for a minimal fee. Park district leagues typically have teams for people of all ages and skill levels. Additionally,  joining a league is a great way to get more exercise and meet people who live in your neighborhood.

Many people find it hard to commit to a fitness goal for numerous reasons including a busy schedule and difficulty staying motivated. Hopefully, one or more of these cheap tips to get fit this summer will enable you to jump-start your fitness goals.

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