How to Save on Energy Costs This Summer

Open you window to cool your home and lower your AC bill

We spend a lot on energy costs in the summer. From cranking up the air conditioning to washing extra loads of laundry full of bathing suits, pool towels, and sweaty clothes, to all the extra power our kids use on electronics because they are home from school all summer. To make sure you manage your energy, check out these tips on how to save on energy costs and keep your bills low.

Turn Off Your AC

You don’t need to suffer on hot days, but you should maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency and save a few dollars on your utility bill. Only switch on your AC when you really need it. Just being smart with your thermostat AC can really save money on an AC bill. If the nights are cool enough, try getting by with a fan and some open windows. When you aren’t home, make sure your AC doesn’t run all day. Consider a smart or programmable thermostat, so you don’t have to manually change the temperature when you leave the house. These thermostats will automatically adjust the climate control in your home smartly so you won’t have to sweat to save on energy costs this Summer.

Fire Up Your Barbeque

Your oven can create a lot of excess heat that will make your house very warm, force your AC unit to work harder and ignite your utility bills. If you have a gas grill, try cooking on it a couple times a week to save on gas. You can cook additional meats and veggies on those days to last the week. It’s also a good idea to use appliances that don’t generate as much heat, such as crockpots or electric griddles. Cooking outside also gives you a good excuse to invite some friends over for a barbecue.

keep your energy bill low in your apartment by using curtains or blinds to create natural shade

Keep Heat Out of Your House

The summer sun is great for playing outside, picnics, swimming and lying on the beach, but it’s not as welcome inside our homes. Sunlight coming through your windows will heat up your home quickly, which means you’ll end up spending more money on air conditioning. If your windows are facing south, the sun will be especially intense. Make sure to keep your blinds or drapes closed during the day, especially in the afternoon when the sun blazes the brightest. Open your windows at night when the temperatures drop.

Keep Your Home Cool with Fans to Save on Energy Costs 

save on energry bills with ceiling fans to help with energy efficiencyA good way to cut down on AC costs is to use fans in your house. Chances are your home is equipped with ceiling fans, which effectively circulate air to create a draft throughout the room. Use them to help cool entire rooms. Instead of turning on your AC, use the fan in the unit. Most air conditioners come with this function and using it is a good way to reduce your electricity bill while using AC. Window fans are also a very good option. They are best used in windows facing away from the prevailing wind so they can exhaust hot air from your home. Close windows near the fan tightly and open windows in rooms far from the fan. Windows near cooler, shaded outdoor areas provide the best intake air. You can purchase inexpensive window fans and portable fans at home goods or flexible format stores.

Keep Hot Air from Leaking into Your House

To keep warm air out of your home, seal cracks and openings near leaky windows, doors and other openings. Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home are cost-effective ways to cut heating and cooling costs. You can accomplish this with two simple air-sealing techniques – caulk or weather-stripping. Caulk is used for cracks and openings between door and window frames. Weather-stripping is used to seal components that move, such as doors and windows.

Keep these in mind when you find yourself wondering how to save on energy this summer without having to burn a hole in your wallet. Like these tips and want to learn some more to help you budget? Check out some of our other posts on money-saving tips.

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