Insurance Options to Consider for Summer

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Have grand plans for the summer season? You may want to consider the value of insurance. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), spring and summer account for nearly 12 million more emergency room visits per year than fall and winter. Before any potential danger happens, check out our guide on insurance options to consider for summer.

Travel Insurance

Planning a trip? It’s important to be protected while traveling. If you don’t have travelers’ insurance or a home insurance policy that covers your belongings while you’re away, you should strongly consider it. However, if you do have a policy, check to see what it covers before leaving. Many homeowner policies will protect you even while you’re not at home, but some do not. You should also be aware of any deductibles and limits on belongings.  Contact your agent or insurance company to find out what’s covered under your policy.

Have summer getaway plan? You may look into travel insurance

Want to learn more about the benefits of travel insurance? Check out our other post, Protect Young Adults from Summer Travel Risks with Insurance, to discover more helpful information.

Swimming Pool and Trampoline Insurance

For the summer you may need to consider pool and trampoline insurance

Pools and trampolines are synonymous with summer, but they can also be hazardous. For that reason, insurance companies have strict rules for both. Contact your insurance agent for information about regulations and coverage. Not every insurance company will cover pool or trampoline injuries. Insurance companies may also deny coverage or cancel your policy if you fail to follow the safety guidelines.

Flood Insurance

Flooding is probably a lot more common than you think. Summer is storm season, especially if you live on a coast. Standard homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover flooding, so you’ll want to think about purchasing a separate flood policy.

Boat Insurance

consider reviewing your boating insurance plan this summer

If you have a small boat, like a kayak or canoe, typical policies will only cover it up to a certain amount. It may not be much, especially if the boat sustains damage. Large boats are rarely covered, so you’ll need likely separate boat insurance. Additionally, if you have a jet ski, that will require a separate policy.  You may also be able to suspend these policies when your boat is not in use. Read your policy carefully, and talk to your agent to fully understand your policies

Health Insurance

While getting in on a pick-up game or riding your bike on a lakefront trail is enjoyable, these activities also increase the potential for accidents. To mitigate the risk, you need to practice safety. Knowing your health insurance coverage should be one of the first steps you take before engaging in risky activities. If you are seriously injured and require recovery time, disability insurance is worth considering to help with your finances. Short-term disability insurance is usually offered as part of your health benefits package provided by your employer, so make sure you review it.

Liability Insurance and Worker’s Comp

Planning any home renovations that require hired help? Before hammer comes to nail, it’s important that the contractors you hire are licensed, have liability insurance and workers’ compensation to cover themselves and their employees, should someone get injured while working on your property. Any subcontractors hired should also have insurance.

Summer is meant to be a relaxing time for fun, but unfortunately, nothing can guarantee that an accident won’t happen. You can, however, guarantee that you are better prepared for risks by reviewing your insurance options.

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