30 Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Know

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Financial planning can be stressful and headache-inducing. Whether you’re planning for college, your next family home or retirement, you know you need to create a plan, set goals and potentially make some financial decisions. But figuring out where to begin can make you feel like you are in the foothills staring up at a mountaintop.

The internet has an incredible amount of information, but it’s hard to know which resources to trust and rely on for important life decisions.

We’ve gathered a list of the 30 personal finance blogs you should keep top of mind for all your personal finance and financial planning needs.

1. Money Saving Mom

Advice for prioritizing life’s passions and expanding your income through multiple revenues.

Twitter: @MoneySavingMom // Website: Money Saving Mom

2. Nerd’s Eye View

Sharing leading financial planning solutions from industry events, webinars, and more.

Twitter: @MichaelKitces // Website: Nerd’s Eye View

3. Pragmatic Capitalism

Information and discussions that cut through the noise and answer tough questions in finance and economics.

Twitter: @cullenroche // Website: Pragmatic Capitalism

4. The Simple Dollar

Simplified personal finance strategies and guides on investing, banking, insurance, and other financial topics to help readers make smart decisions.

Twitter: @ClubThrifty // Website: The Simple Dollar

5. The Financial Diet

A community of contributors and expert testimonials in everything from creating budgets to avoiding expensive office meals

Twitter: @Chelsea_Fagan // Website: The Financial Diet

6. Financial Samurai

In-depth reviews and advice on financial products to “cut through” money mysteries.

Twitter: @financialsamura // Website: Financial Samurai

7. Part-Time Money

Ways to earn extra money, save more money and spend it wisely.

Twitter: @ptmoney // Website: Part-Time Money

8. Making Sense of Cents

Tips for careers, budgeting, blogging, paying off debt, minimalism, pets, real estate, and myriad topics related to personal finance.

Twitter: @senseofcents // Website: Making Sense of Cents

9. Millennial Money Man

Honest advice on saving, investing, debt, student loans, side hustles, and numerous other money-related topics.

Twitter: @GenYMoneyMan // Website: Millennial Money Man

Personal finance bloggers can run the gamut on a diverse range of topics related to money management.

10. Of Dollars and Data

Using data analysis to provide valuable and in-depth financial insights.

Twitter: @dollarsanddata // Website: Of Dollars and Data

11. Doctor of Credit

How to build healthy credit with advice on credit cards, savings accounts, credit scores, and daily deals.

Twitter: @drofcredit // Website: Doctor of Credit

12. Your Smart Money Moves

Everyday tips for your everyday financial questions.

Twitter: @TedJenkins // Website: Your Smart Money Moves

13. Retire by 40

How to be financially stable using passive income ideas and a drive into the science of money.

Twitter: @retirebyforty // Website: Retire by 40

14. Wealthy Single Mommy

Personal finance tips from a single mom, for single moms.

Twitter: @JohnsonEmma // Website: Wealthy Single Mommy

15. Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance Blog

Guidance on investing and saving for a more comfortable future.

Twitter: @barbfriedberg // Website: Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance Blog

16. Stefanie O’Connell Blog

Dedicated to helping millennials develop rich habits and for women who want to be money confident.

Twitter: @stefanieoconnel // Website: Stefanie O’Connell Blog

Many person finance blogger also offer "niche" advice to fit your lifestyle more directly.

17. Kerry Hannon

Author of the national bestselling book, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, Kerry’s blog offers expertise with a strong focus on baby boomers’ money management and advice.

Twitter: @KerryHannon // Website: Kerry Hannon

18. Money Questions and Answers

Got questions? Get answers. This blog answers readers’ biggest money questions on savings, investing, retirement, planning, insurance,  and other personal finance topics.

Twitter: @hankcoleman // Website: Money Questions and Answers

19. The Research Puzzle

How to crack investment and business market puzzles.

Twitter: @researchpuzzler // Website: Research Puzzle

20. Gen Y Planning

Navigating student loans, debt, saving, investing, insurance, company benefits, taxes, and all of life’s various financial decision from a millennial perspective.

Twitter: @sophiabera // Website: Gen Y Planning

21. Yes, I Am Cheap

Personal experiences and tips on building credit, reducing debt, rental properties, insurance, major purchases, and more.

Twitter: @yesiamcheap // Website: Yes, I Am Cheap

22. Beating Broke

Personal finance tips for Gen X and Millennials.

Twitter: @beatingbroke // Website: Beating Broke

23. Money Girl

Plain-language personal finance guides on career, credit cards, debit & loans, insurance, investing, real estate, retirement, taxes, and plenty extra.

Twitter: @LauraAdams // Website: Money Girl

24. Early Retirement Extreme

Combines simple living and self-reliance to pad your nest egg for early retirement.

Twitter: @extremejacob // Website: Early Retirement Extreme

25. Cash Money Life

Guides on managing money, personal finance tips, and careers.

Twitter: @RyanGuina // Website: Cash Money Life

26. Happiness Dividend Blog

Helps you set concrete goals and make sound financial decisions based on your values and goals

Twitter: @DeYoeWealth // Website: Happiness Dividend Blog

27. The Art of Thinking Smart

Shares simple SMART techniques for finances, business, investments and more

Twitter: @artthinksmart // Website: The Art of Thinking Smart

28. Practically Speaking

For financial professionals in training

Twitter: @SEIJohnA // Website: Practically Speaking

29. The Military Wallet

Personal finance and benefits tips for military, veterans and families

Twitter: @militarywallet // Website: The Military Wallet

30. Daniel Zajac

Guidance to make informed decisions about money, family, business, and financial goals

Twitter: @daniel_zajac // Website: Daniel Zajac

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