A young recent graduate hugs her father while holding her diploma.

Financial Mistakes Recent Graduates Should Avoid

So, you’ve graduated from college and now you’re about to strike out on your own. Entering the real world can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when it comes to navigating your finances. The way you handle your money during the first few years after you graduate will determine your financial habits.

A female financial professional helps and older couple with their estate plan.

7 Items That Should Be On Your Estate Planning List

Estate planning is an important process for designating who will receive your assets when you pass away. But it’s also about making certain your family members and other beneficiaries have access to your assets. To ensure your beneficiaries can cost-effectively receive your money and possessions, you should create a checklist of tasks to complete.

Financial literacy is something you can learn at almost any age.

Teaching Your Teens About Money

As a parent, you play a vital role in helping to shape your teenager’s financial behaviors. Whether your teen is starting her first job or she’s just starting to think about her fiscal future, you should take the time to show her the ropes. Here are some tips to help your teen better understand and manage money.

A young couple works with a financial professional to help with purchasing life insurance. They know what questions to ask.

5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is a vital component of your financial security. If someone depends on you for financial support, such as your spouse or child, you should strongly consider purchasing a policy. But before you buy, it’s essential to ask yourself and your life insurance agent several important questions.

An older couple smiles knowing that they are taking smart steps for financial well-being.

5 Financial Wellness Tips for 2020

Financial Wellness refers to the process of learning how to successfully manage and secure the health of your financial life, now and in the future. The start of a new year is a good time to review your current financial situation and make plans to improve your financial wellness. Here are some tips for 2020.

A middle-aged woman looks at her phone. She's made some changes to her behavior that are positively impacting her finances.

Behavioral Changes to Help With Financial Fitness

Behavior change is a key component to establishing financial wellness because it creates habits and patterns. But it isn’t easy to make adjustments in your life. To get there you need to have a plan, be realistic and take small steps toward achieving your goals. Here are 4 tips that can help.

A young couple working together toward their goals of eliminating debt and saving for retirement

How to Balance Paying off Debt and Saving for Retirement

Paying off your debt and saving for retirement are two, very big priorities in your financial life. Unfortunately, many of us have a difficult time choosing which one is more important. However, if you’ve been wrestling with the choice, the good news is that you don’t have to. It is possible to save for retirement and get rid of debt at the same time with some good money management.